Monday, January 21, 2013

Drop Crotch Cool

Drop crotch pants are here to stay. They are not going away anytime soon, so keep an open mind. Men of a certain age resist the idea of drop-crotch pants because it reminds them of MC Hammer's harem pants. Well; drop crotch pants are nothing like that. For one they do not have an elastic waist band or balloon out at the sides. Yes, the crotch is low but the cut of the pant remains trim. Clearly not a pant for every man, but then again rarely does a garment hold universal appeal. I happen to have two pairs and I love them. These are Dolce and Gabana but All Saints makes a very practical cut of drop crotch pant if you are in the market for your first pair and don't want to spend a lot of money. Photo Source:

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  1. I love these and the style but.....the fashionistas dont do them over a size 36 inch waist,.......I am a 38inch waist and would really enjoy trying them .