Monday, June 10, 2013

Born With Style

I firmly believe that we are either born with a sense of style or we are not. Yes a stylist can educate a client into dressing current and appropriately, even teach them art of fine tailoring. However a true sense of style is a gift that some are born with as evident with my two new favorite subjects. 
From the West Coast we have Harper - pictured above - from Los Angles California, as he gets ready for his graduation from elementary school. Perfectly balancing traditional elegance with current fashion while maintaining a unique sense of personal style. Born with the gift. I am keeping my eye on you Harper! 
From the East coast we have Michael - pictured above - as he spends a lazy Saturday afternoon in South Hampton New York sporting a Rick Owens black maxi skirt, white t-shirt, cap and black boots. This boy definitely has the gift. Yes, Michael has actually met fashion designer Rick Owens and clearly has been inspired by his designs. No doubt our young Michael is the future of fashion and is not afraid - at this very young age - to flaunt his unique personal style anytime, anywhere. Kudos to you Michael.
I'm always excited when I encounter boys like Harper and Michael who are creative, artistic and unafraid to express themselves through fashion. I am also pleased and grateful for their loving, encouraging parents that make it possible for the young boys to be exactly who they are. Perhaps that, being most important of all. My hat is off to them too. 

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