Born and raised in Havana Cuba to a big band singer father- no not Ricky Ricardo, but almost - and seamstress mother, I was immersed in the world of fashion and style even before I knew what those words meant. 

My mother - the seamstress - along with my grandmother and my aunt - seamstress themselves - were sewing outfits for me from the day I was born. You should have seen my baptismal gown! Wow!

My Father though, was the guy with the real sense of style. He was the one who taught me about grooming, dressing, etiquette and elegance when I was a mere child. " Always keep a comb in your shirt pocket and a handkerchief in your coat pocket" he would share fashion and style gems with me every morning as we walked to school.

It is no coincidence that all these years later, I have chosen to pass on this knowledge and experience to all men and women who would listen. It is also no coincidence that I choose to do so first thing every morning. I believe some traditions are worth maintaining.

Every morning I wake up and I decide then and there what Vincent's Fashion Tip of the Day is going to be. That is what you get. Fresh, every morning. 

The inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere throughout my day. People I see in the streets, questions I'm asked about about fashion, challenges I may have with my own body, a memory of something my father and I shared; all serve to inspire me. 

I'm a firm believer that in life we must do that which feels right and that which we love doing. For that reason, Vincent's Fashion Tip of the Day exists. I love doing this for you and I hope I can bring a little knowledge to your day and help encourage you to look your best, one day at a time.